“Teaming up with Advanced Coding was the best decision I could have made, as Ahmad made everything so easy, and taught me so much along the way. He did an amazing job of understanding the aesthetic I was after, and was knowledgeable not only when it came to the technical side of things, but also in understanding what customers are looking for in their online shopping experience. It’s a professional and beautiful looking site, that is super responsive.”

“Extremely happy with my website that was built by Advanced Coding and the prompt customer service i received while engaging in his services. His education method is super easy to understand, which has helped me to save, in the sense that i am able to manage my own website without the need to hire a developer to upload images, content etc in future. I highly recommend Advanced Coding for his prompt service, skill and ability to listen/act on what i want done.”

“Extremely impressive work! There was great communication, patience and understanding when working with Ahmad. Not to mention his education method is extremely beneficial and i’m very happy that i can now upload my own content without hiring a developer. Very professional and trustworthy developer.”

“It’s common to think that building a website is easy, but it’s hard work. We accept our limitations and the extent of what we are capable of. Which is why we are so thankful for Ahmad from Advanced Coding for all of his work on our new website. It wouldn’t be possible without all of his effort and time that he put in behind the scenes.”

“The best thing i ever did Ahmad, thank you for putting up with my endless changes, endless messages and phone calls. You have great patience… your positive vibes and reassurance truly helped this journey for us.”

“Ahmad helped create my website which looks flawless. He is very professional i honestly recieved quality care all my questions were answered with clarity. He made a time which is meant to be stressful so easy and I was at ease knowing I would receive nothing but the best service. This website is everything I could have asked for and more. Ahmad is absolutely phenomenal, I cant recommend advanced coding enough. Thank you so much.”

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We wont leave you for a few weeks then dump a site on you that you’re not really happy with. We actually work with you, step by step, until completion. We’ll discus page by page as we go along. Ensuring that you ae completely satisfied.


We take honesty very seriously, whatever we have agreed on doing, will actually get done.There are absolutely no hidden terms or costs that will be sprung on you & we do our very best to explain everything as clearly as possible.


We educate our clients on how to upload images, written content & a few other things as we build your site. The benefit in this, is that you won’t need to hire a developer when you want to upload new photos & written content to your site.


We have a history of experience and we are also WordPress & WooCommerce experts. We have been building websites, providing maintenance services, fixing errors and offering support to websites using these platforms for years.


Why do we choose WordPress? WordPress is the most popular website content management system (CMS), & is used by more than 60 million websites. It is highly customisable, allowing you to be more unique with your website.


Why do we use WooCommerce? WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress and is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the internet. It is number 1 in the e-commerce category and is used on 1,296,332 websites as of Aug 2019.


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